Pravega is designed to support the new generation of streaming applications; applications that deal with a large amount of data arriving continuously. Considering the lack of a modern storage solution built ground up for such applications in the industry, several professionals from across the industry from companies such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Google, Facebook joined leading storage company EMC to build a new class of streaming storage solution. Their experience in developing several systems at scale, e.g., AWS SQS, AWS Simple Workflow, Azure Data Lake, Apache ZooKeeper and Apache BookKeeper has been a crucial factor in overcoming the challenges of designing a storage system that has the stream as a core primitive. Interested in joining? Let us know (

Srikanth Satyanarayana

Srikanth Satya

Salvatore DeSimone

Flavio Junqueira

Flavio Junqueira

Tom Kaitchuck

Tom Kaitchuck

Andrei Paduroiu

Adrian Moreno

Claudio Fahey

Raul Gracia

Sandeep Shridhar

Shivesh Ranjan

Prabha Veerubhotla

Vijay Srinivasaraghavan

Eron Wright

Bo Yang

John Har


Arvind Kandhare

Bhargav Gulavani

Suresh Krishnappa

Abhijeet Jadhav

Steve Graham

Chris Dail

Priya Lakshminarayanan

Bayar Volodya

Shengkai Sun

Jonny Miller

Scott Owens

Jonathan Askew